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Thread: 36 - 39 Knucklehead Rocker Shaft Oiling Adjustment

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    Re: 36 - 39 Knucklehead Rocker Shaft Oiling Adjustment

    Sarge, yep, tried that when you enlargen the image the distortion comes with it and makes the type hard to read. This has more to do with document being posted up as a jpeg image.

    If this were to be scanned and used with Adobe, the file is not distorted as Adobe seems to be the best when it comes to documets and word type files for clarity.

    Not a big deal cause I can pretty much read everything, but having a hard copy will be easier because when pulling work detail on the knuck, it is easier having these thigns in front of you on paper.

    I know in the shop dope there has to be a lot more to these pre 1940 motorcycles, that is why I ordered it from the dealer.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post and advise.

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    Re: 36 - 39 Knucklehead Rocker Shaft Oiling Adjustment

    Be aware that the printed collections of shop dopes are not in any form complete. Whether from H-D or the aftermarket. They seem to pick and choose what they like, but there are big blanks in them!

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    Re: 36 - 39 Knucklehead Rocker Shaft Oiling Adjustment

    Realized I never came back to this thread to let ya'll kno what I found out as i was researching info for another thread on oiling issues to help another member with posted info.

    I got frustrated and took the right tank off and to my horror and suprise found the intake nut riding against the right tank!

    There was what would have been a nice hole in the tank if I would have left things as is. I am not certain how this can happen, because there should be at least a 1/4" clearance.

    I had to shim the right tank out bound and have enough clearance where the nut is not striking the tank. I also adjusted for oiling as well, and with what was found tied together, the engine is really quiet and all one can here is a slight valve train noise, the generator spining and slight cam chest gear mesh when your really on top of it with a screw driver or stehoscope. Rode the bike with the right tank off and it is really great with such a noisless engine, with exception of the typical engine talk one would hear with these.

    Thanks for the help guys!!

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