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Thread: another pot hole for my project

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    Unhappy another pot hole for my project

    I was excited to get going on my frame which I have decided to build.Got my DOM,my plans and found a bender,which seemed to be the most difficult part.The weather here has been nuts warm for this time of year and the bender is in an old hay shed that leaks like a sieve and unheated so this nice warm weather was just perfect.

    I made arrangements to get to the bender yesterday,which I have never seen but knew what it was.This machine is designed for large conduit and when I tried to put my tubing into the machine nothing felt right.For the lack of terminology, bending anything under 1 1/2" requires that you use a handle off an adjustment arm as a dead man for the smaller OD tubes which meant that you were working from a position which had no defined angle.Normally you would lock your piece down solid in a 180* position and do your bend.On this machine everything was afloat which meant making 2 bends identical nearly impossible.Kinda like doing surgery with a hatchet!

    So I'm bummed,I wasted some good DOM and I need to find another bender.Wish I could rent one somewhere!

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    Re: another pot hole for my project

    Look on the flea for a JD2 bender

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    Re: another pot hole for my project

    I certainly have thought about it but I think if I were to throw 300 bucks down on a bender and another 150 on a die I would be better off just getting a Paughco frame.

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