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Thread: BDL vs Primo Rivera Belt Drives

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    Re: BDL vs Primo Rivera Belt Drives

    I thought you were gona say the bike would only go in reverse...
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    Re: BDL vs Primo Rivera Belt Drives

    I've run a BDL 8mm on 2 stock 74 panheads, one for the last 20,000 + miles and one just installed last year with 5,000 miles on it. I've had no problems and no noise. That said, I also have no problems from the stock primary chains as long as they are getting oil. I'm going to put a BDL 11mm on a panhead that I'm attaching a sidecar to. I'm seen the Primo Rivera and can't tell the difference between the two.
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    Islander, You mentioned no noise: Are you running the belts enclosed? If so, any ventilation provisions? Also what clutch? I think the clutches are usually the source of noise (rattling and knocking). The BDL 11mm has the highest drive ratio (except for Karata which is one notch higher yet) so it should be a good choice for pulling a hack. One differance i see is that BDL is the only drive that has flanges on both sides of the motor sprocket to prevent the belt from walking inward - which is a concern that i have. I ran a Karata in the 70's on a early shovel and had to add a flange to the inside because the belt would walk inboard during decels and fray. The unique thing about Karata is that the flange bolts on so you can pull/change a belt without having to pull the sprocket. Having said that, i am not considering a Karata at this time due to the gearing ratio being too high. If i go to belt drive one reason will be to slow the motor down at freeway speeds. Primo has the lowest ratio and the BDL 8mm is one notch higher. Thanks for the input

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    Re: BDL vs Primo Rivera Belt Drives

    Hey John, I'm running basically stock setups on these 2 bikes, except for the belts and 25T tranny sprockets, which gives me an easy cruising speed of 65. Cutches are both stock w/3 stud clutch hubs and the 1/2 disc. On the 59 I changed the primary chain oiler to the early style, cut the tube and pointed it down and towards the back of the bike and shut the oiler adjuster down all the way. The BDL does come with the inner plate for some motors, but on mine it rubbed the inner primaty mounting bolts. The belt, however, is made to run one direction and, if run properly and the clutch hub and front sprocket are aligned properly, you should have no problem. I did the same thing, trying to figure the difference in the BDL vs Primo for the cost difference. Just figured I'd give the BDL a shot and have been happy.
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    Re: BDL vs Primo Rivera Belt Drives

    Oh yeah - I run the stock enclosed primary covers with no provision for extra ventilation. And I've done at least six 500 mile days on these 2 bikes with the belt drives since last year.
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    '59 FL
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