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Thread: Aging 37' Decals?

  1. Aging 37' Decals?

    I am starting to put my 37' 45" together and 95% of my parts have nice, old aged black paint... I really would like to keep everything old paint and finish... The tanks have been repainted years and years ago and have a very nice patina. I think it would look cool with a set of he 36-39 waterslide decals with a little age. I thought about maybe some sanding or hard buffing. Any suggestions on how to put some nice "fake" age on a decal?

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    Re: Aging 37' Decals? ideas here but why would you want anything "fake" on a nice old bike?it is what it is ( .02 here) tom

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    I thought the same thing, It would be nice to find a set of tanks with decals still on. I figured things like the decals and tires aren't big items... It would look silly with new decals on it. Might just keep it bare black.

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    Re: Aging 37' Decals?

    Put the decals on your tanks now and lay them in the sunny spot out in the back yard for a few months.
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    Re: Aging 37' Decals?

    That's a difficult line. Personally, I think its fine to "fake" patina a part on a bike to match the overall age of a bike as long as your honest about it. Otherwise a part will just look out of place & "glow". Some people think its misleading & maybe even counterfeit. My advice on trying to speed up the age process is to do just that. Ya, the sun has a lot to do with it, but I think its also years of cleaning & rubbing. Try sitting down with a beer or three & rubbing the applied transfer with a cloth & polishing compound. I can't say how well it will work 'cuz I haven't done it. But, sneak up on it with the very fine stuff first, the swirl mark remover. If that takes too long try the polishing compound. Good luck & let us know if it works.

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    Thanks for all the help. I think for now I will just leave them as they are, but I have a new question. I just applied both waterslide decals to the old black paint and they look great, but I totally forgot they need to be cleared/sealed to the tank so they don't wipe off... I was told to try clear with flattner, but i really hate to paint clear over that old black paint. Any options to keep that old paint and still clear the decal?

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    Re: Aging 37' Decals?

    bluedevils, what are you going to use for the clear? the fellow i got my water slides from says he has best results with min wax polyurethane gloss. if you only clear an 1/8" or so over the decal edges it mite not be real noticable.
    edit- did you have any probs getting them to slide off the paper?

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    I have no idea what clear to use. I planned on just having a paint shop do it. If I could find something in aerosol I wouldn't even mind using that, im not real picky about finish... I bought the decals from a gentlemen at the Oley meet. They were also making nice replica 1914-39 footboard pads... The decals came off very nice. I have had some other patent decals and other waterslides break apart before they even touched the tanks... I was impressed with the decals.

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    Re: Aging 37' Decals?

    bluedevil, i had mentioned to the guy about using a spray clear like a rattle can product. i cant remember what they have(chemical) in them but the decal will react to it and ruin them. i havnt used it yet but i went with his suggestion and boght a 1/2 pint of the gloss poly min-wax. he said to brush it on lightly from the middle to the edges and just have an 1/8 to 1/4" over on the edges. hope this helps some. he sells them and puts them on his tanks so i figured i'd go with his suggestion.
    edit- blue, i remember now that he said a laquer based products will f up the decal
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    Re: Aging 37' Decals?

    Check out the post by Matt McManus in the 36-65 Harley section. The post is "finally got my 38 running". I would post the link but I am on my iPad and I am just learning how to use it. Anyway he had to match the old finish on his front fender and one side of the gas tank (including decal). I have not seen it in person but in the pictures it looks perfect (or perfectly imperfect)


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