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Thread: Problems with 28 scout.

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    Problems with 28 scout.

    So it was a nice day here yesterday so I figured I would get back on the kids 28 scout while he is away. It has been sitting for years and I got it to at least run last fall altho not very well. The layup over the winter didn't cure the ills and here is the problem. It has a mag, and will start easy. Once it starts running any adjustment on the carb doesn't seem to do anything. It sputters and coughs raw gas out the carb no matter what I do. Is this a float problem? It also puffs black smoke at every fire of the plugs and won't run over an idle. It will start on one or two kicks just won't run for a damn. I did take the carb apart and cleaned everything out last fall and will do it again if needed. It does have a brass float in it now and I do have a nitryl one here to change it with. Is that the first place to go???

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    The carbs a definite possibility,but timing could have a similar effect if it's too far retarded.

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    Re: Problems with 28 scout.

    i would ditch the Brass float , They do need to be set way lower than cork etc.
    Try this , Remove the float chamber top plug and only fill the float to within about 5/16 from the top and see if it settles a little better, If the carb bowl is over or under full no amount of twiddling the needles will do much at all
    Is the spray nozzle present and about 1/2 way though the venturi? If its very low (no spring under) the bike will run too rich also.
    Regards Phil

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    Re: Problems with 28 scout.

    Thanks for the info. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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    Re: Problems with 28 scout.

    i would certainly suggest a leak test on the whole carb system before you adjust anything . i agree with the brass float going to the recycling center and replacing it with one of cottons .when you put that manifold under air pressure i think you're gonna be amazed at the leaks in that system .just a thought ..tom

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