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Thread: Painting Stainless Steel

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    Actually it was not Forum related so i was afraid that you will make fun of me. Honestly i got very useful information and very friendly atmosphere. I will show you when it is completed.

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    Re: Painting Stainless Steel

    We all appreciate that kind of independant thinking, Irfan. It goes hand in hand with our lifestyle. Nobody's going to laugh at you--- most probably admire you..!
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    Re: Painting Stainless Steel

    And if it saves on fuel that is a plus as well. The cost of fuel is going nuts to say the least.

    A week and a half ago I filled my 2007 Chevy Express 96 cylinder) and it took about 130 bucks. Today I stopped it at 100 and though screw this I am not giving this money away so they can get interest on it, I just stop at 100 and drove 60 miles afterward running errands.

    The tank is now just above 3/4 full.

    Makes me sick to think that fuel, a commodity that is plentiful is being over priced the way it is because of a bunch of people who want to see that happen for this green bull shirt stuff going on.

    I got a good laff regarding those 100K battery powered cars beign tested that the rich 1% supposedly own, the have to recharge every 35 - 40 miles and they can't keep them on the road because of a plethora of problems.

    Yea, I know in 50 years someone will read this and say "wow, cavemen knew how to use computers"....well screw them and the ass they are riding out of town on, stop messing with gas already!

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    Thanks for the appreciation. You have really increased my passion. I will show you when it is completed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigincher View Post
    Hey, this is as interesting as any motorcycle thread--- making a stove from mud...? You're already ahead of me...!
    Please show us photos of the stove when complete--- this is cool..!

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