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  1. '46 Servi-C

    Im Trying to wire This servi-car for a guy, With a repro wiring harness , but the schem that came with it , says for all 45's except Servi-Car, I need help,and all help will be greatly appreciated. Shorty

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    Would the difference be the rear wiring? I'm just guessing, but that would be a difference between a 2 wheeler and a Servi. Other than that, I'll have to defer to the experts here.

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    Yea buddy, thats correct, But there are slight differences between wire color and position. Im starting this project froma rolling chassis,meaning I didn't strip the old wiring out. I have found a few schematics and all slightly differ. Im doing this bike for a Bio Scientist, and he is horny to get it started, so I want make sure all is right upon 1st kick. And Im a 2Stroker to boot, But thanks for the reply.

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