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Thread: Restoring A 51 Pan

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    Restoring A 51 Pan

    Hey guys i am after the following parts for my 51 pan i am putting together

    Cylinders with 51 Date Codes Prefer Under .030 Over

    Horn the one that mounts in between the frame rails

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    Re: Restoring A 51 Pan

    Front aluminium lifter block

    one stainless pan cover

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    Re: Restoring A 51 Pan

    Any one .. i need a Horn , One Stainless Pan Cover , A front Aluminium Lifter Block , A Left Fuel Tank Handshift , Front Fender Tip/Trim , And Finally a Speedometer And Crash Bars if anyone has anything let me know thanks in advance

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    Re: Restoring A 51 Pan

    Also could use tank emblems . anyone got anything i have lots to trade Knuckle tanks , Wla Parts ....

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