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Thread: Servi Car mileage

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    Servi Car mileage

    I have a newly aquired 1947, I seem to be getting 15 miles to the gallon........doesnt seem right, normal, or good to me any ideas?.....

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    Re: Servi Car mileage

    You should be getting at least double that. What carb/manifold combo is on it? Lots of Servi-Cars have been messed with over the years and screwed up. Is it stock or a custom?

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    Re: Servi Car mileage

    I BELIEVE it's stock, and AT LEAST double is what I was assuming, thanks. I have not got that far yet as far as what manofold and set up . I will hopefully get ti this week and get back to you!!! Thanks so FAR!!!

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    Our 61G gets about 22-25 mpg. Lloyd

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    Re: Servi Car mileage

    My '51 gets 500 smiles per gallon

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    Re: Servi Car mileage

    Nice!!.......I still need to get down there and check the carb!! float is bad and my shut off quit working......THEN I mess with the carb!!

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    Re: Servi Car mileage

    Here,s a few smiles![IMG][/IMG]

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    Re: Servi Car mileage

    I think I saw this at Wauseon last year?.....

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