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Thread: knuck top end pan lower

  1. knuck top end pan lower

    saw a thread on panheads on a knuckle lower and have read plenty on panshovels - was looking for any threads on knuckle heads on a pan lower - have to imagine this has been done alot - curious about how that would work -

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    Re: knuck top end pan lower

    Actually it is not done a lot (never was) because of oiling and cam alignment issues. Most can be overcome, but the easy way was a Pan left case on a Knuckle right with a Knuckle top end. Then it can all be made to work OK. Tappet blocks differ, the way oil is fed differs, the way oil is returned differs, cam lobe spacing differs, rocker arm ratio differs, etc. Now anything can be done with persistence and cash, but it always begs the question "why"! It is much easier going the other way, with a Pan top on a Knuckle as it does not affect the oil return issue, merely the feed. And a Shovel on a Pan is a bolt on, easiest of all. Pan on a Shovel is relatively easy, it just requires oil feed to the top end. and shovels on Sportsters, and Sportsters on 45s, and anything on a UL, etc, etc... it has all been done with varying degrees of success!

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