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    Servi-Car info

    Hi all.......was here a while back (quite a while) and have since FOUND a servi, Im in the process of replacing the clutch and possible Carb work. I am getting about 15 miles to the gallon and this just doesn't seem right, is this normal?

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    It could be normal. factor in the added weight of all the metal on a servicar and size of the motor sprocket (some are using a 17 tooth) what size motor sprocket are you using?

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    Re: Servi-Car info

    not sure, will look and get back!!

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    Re: Servi-Car info

    I have a 31 tooth engine sprocket on my 1973 Servi-car. A little sluggish out of the hole but fine top end.
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    Re: Servi-Car info

    Checked this afternoon, it has a 22 tooth engine sprocket. I am reaching a top end of 52 mph. I seems to pull out and pick up fine.

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