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Thread: Panhead police bike for sale

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    Panhead police bike for sale

    Interesting....wonder if it started life as a donut hauler?
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    Re: Panhead police bike for sale

    A "Restored" bike will not have worn, rusted parts on it. It will look as if it just left the factory.
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    Re: Panhead police bike for sale

    Flashlight looks to be more beat-up than the bike.
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    Re: Panhead police bike for sale

    No radio whats up with that?

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    Re: Panhead police bike for sale

    Looks to me like it got a fresh akrylic enamel paint job [ lotts of orange peel] and the modern vinyle decals all over it leave me cold. I had a 66FL police bike but it was so much missing, not even worth bringing back to cop status! Was a cool rider at most! had alot of fun on nthe highway with it.......when you pulled up behind speeding cars in the hammer lane, they would catch a glance of my blue glass police windshield, imidiatly hit the blinker and merge right!! LOL

    I also got free parking at the local donut houses!!! LOL Best Russ
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