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    Slime tube

    I picked up a tube at a swap meet a few years back, it is called a slime tube I think it has something inside it to seal small leaks. It is a heavy tube. I was wondering if I could put it in the rear tire of my Indian? Anyone know about these tubes if they will be ok for road bikes? Stan

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    Re: Slime tube

    I bicycle every day and I have had over 30 flat tires. I discovered a few things about bicycle tires and tubes. First; everything is made in China. Second; it's all junk. I tried the slime tube out of desperation. It can't prevent a sheetrock screw, or sand spur from puncturing a tire, and when you do have a leak, it spews green slime all over the inside of your tire.

    The solution I use is to slit an old tube open and put the new tube inside. It gives you an extra carcass to protect the good tube and I haven't had a flat in over 2 years now.

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    Re: Slime tube

    after i bought my '48 chief , i put new rubber on it , when i changed out the tube the old one that was in there was double walled a 'tube within a tube "seemed like a good idea .does anyone still make such a critter? tom

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