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Thread: Need Help Identifying These Parts

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    Need Help Identifying These Parts

    Hope someone can tell me what make, model, and years these parts are. Thanks, Paps
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    Re: Need Help Identifying These Parts

    Harley, 26-34 Singles, I venture; especially the trans. Can't be more specific.

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    Re: Need Help Identifying These Parts

    That is what I imagined the tranny may be Sarge, since it has a single row drive sprocket. The handlebars puzzle me even more though. They do not bolt on up through the bottom side. They are made to clamp around the mounting stems.

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    Re: Need Help Identifying These Parts

    All the early bars are held in place by clamping, They didn't start bolting on with the top tree until the Knuckle era. And 45s continued like that through '39. Here is a B single fork on one of my racer projects with homemade Flanders plugged in. The actual mounting is the same for stock bars. The top clamp does the work, the fork legs are slotted on top.

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    Re: Need Help Identifying These Parts

    Thanks Robbie !!

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    Re: I appreciated

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