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Thread: The old bike hobby

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    Re: The old bike hobby

    I agree with Buzz on this one. Someday I would like to have both and enjoy each ride. I am very happy with my current pan even though it is not 100 % correct or original paint. Maybe someday I try and bring it closer or maybe I just enjoy and search for the next bike that I strive for orginal paint and correctness. Either way, the fun is in taking a classic out for a ride, wrenching on it and then repeating. I can appreciate the bikes at Barber that have been painstakingly restored to orginal and at the same time enjoy the "real school" bikes at Wheels Through Time. There is room for all. For me I always want a rider and if that financially means that full correctness is not met, then so be it.
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    Re: The old bike hobby

    Choose your standard and stick by it. For me the "factory fresh" definition was clear and, while not necessarily easy to achieve, had a "right" and "wrong." Customs, bobbers, choppers and the like are often the products of creative imaginations and exhibit remarkable design and craftsmanship. I just happen to be more comfortable with the showroom stock concept.

    I tried to convince my brother of this idea back in the early 1960s, when he owned a 1936 EL and I had my V. He bobbed the 36, which eventually disappeared. I still own my V. Now he is gone too, and I would trade pretty much everything I've got to have him back.


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    Re: The old bike hobby

    I agree with Buzz on leaving org parts be, also agree with Sarge, I love to ride my old bikes. As most of you know I have owned over a dozen 36 knucks, but I have to say that the one I am RIDING now is the most enjoyable one I have owned, no, it is not 100% correct, since it was totaled in a 1940's accident and repaired with what was available at the time, however as I find correct parts I will replace them. I guess I am saying as I get older I would rather ride than look at my bikes while I still have a little time left, thanks for listening, Larry

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    Re: The old bike hobby

    How boring would this hobby be if every bike was "restored" to look just like it rolled off the assembly line.

    And don't forget.....there is much more to a motorcycles historical legacy than its initial "showroom appearance". Take a '36 Knucklehead for example.... it took a day (or a few) to build at the factory. It sat on the showroom floor for a week before being sold. And then it found me 75 years later. If looking to preserve its "historical legacy", should I forget all of those years in between?

    Some bike have far too much character and personality to even consider returning them to a factory appearance.

    Is there a difference between "historical legacy" and "engineering legacy from a historical standpoint?" Its original factory engineering is absolute. However, a historical legacy can change from bike to bike.
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    Re: The old bike hobby

    Well said Matt! I've seen some before and after photos that broke my heart. Sure the bike looked good when it was finished but the machines' soul was wiped away forever.

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