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Thread: Race motor numbers

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    Check out the forged steel crank and the funky gray (Dow metal pistons? Maybe?)
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    Re: Race motor numbers

    Thanks for the photos of the left case. Date code may be I 8? If so in this instance it indicates casting in Sept 38 and is consistent with a 39 BN.

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    Roger This just came up on VirtualIndian. Thought maybe you had something.

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    W/r/t "forged steel crank and the funky gray (Dow metal pistons? Maybe?)"
    Not a forged crank, it's 5 pieces like (almost) everything else, look at the nut. I once saw a WR left wheel with a very odd sprocket shaft as one-piece casting (with casting number).
    I've never seen a 4 ring 45 piston, and that looks like a pop-up dome based on height. What would look like that in 1940? Sport Scout.

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    The link didn't work for me,took me to yahoo mail.

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    Does anyone have any more wr number source's. Thanks

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by New guy View Post
    Does anyone have any more wr number source's. Thanks
    I assume you have looked at "Beauty of Speed" right??
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    Yes great site but could not find my number

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    New guy, send me a private message with your number and i will check my files.

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    Message sent malte but when I look at my messages says nothing sent ?

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