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Thread: Race motor numbers

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    Re: Race motor numbers


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    Re: Race motor numbers


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    Re: Race motor numbers

    52KKX8 was first in the 53 race program listed with Charles Casey from Rockford.

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    And in 64 it's still around being piloted by none other than George Roeder.

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    Another thing that jumps out is the 46 WR production run appears that there was one batch run and the others may have all been run off as single units as there are not the consistencies displayed in other years.
    Need to review the registry and see if this is evident there also.
    And there is but one 47WR listed with a believable number of 2189, the other being 9888.

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    Was this a waste of time? No matches? I want to know stories. Did you find that your neighbor raced ?MATT??????anybody!

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    Thanks Duffey,

    this is PRICELESS!!!

    Thousand thanks for your efforts...


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    Hey Duffy--not a waste of time! Just no match's here sadly! Some #'s came close-greatly appreciated-Thanks, BPK!!

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    Re: Race motor numbers


    Absolutely not a waste of time. Thanks so much for posting. Printed out a few sets and filed 'em in our archives. I haven't had a chance to compare all this info to our motor numbers yet...but I've got a 10 hour ride to Oley tomorrow, which ought to be plenty of time. KKX8 is the "Duck Bike"

    Matt Walksler

    '38 Knucklehead -- '39 WLDD
    '41 ULH -- '53 Panhead
    '16 J-model Cutdown (in progress) -- '49 Dual-Carb Panhead (in progress)

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    Re: Race motor numbers

    cool Matt that makes 2 that have been documented.These numbers are how some of the known racers have been found and bought in the past by restorers

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