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Thread: clutch hub

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    clutch hub

    Hi guys

    fast question
    is there any problem with mismatching clutch hubs through the years?
    except for correctly placing clutch plates?

    clutch shell is always same
    pressure plates also

    why hub differ?

    also what is reason for longer and shorter clutch worms?
    difference in clutch hub thickness?

    so if they are swap in pairs there will be no problem?

    until I had only '47
    all this questions dint appear

    now with also '39 and '30 trying to figure everything out

    all the best

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    Re: clutch hub

    Hi Marcin
    I would say that all 4 row chain Clutch hubs are same or very similar ,I have never seen any that are rmarkable different from others!
    How ever I have seen at least 3 or 4 different worm lengths (not Garden variety) Earlier gear drive primarys ,Sport Scout primarys and Chief !
    I will photo asap if no other answers show up!
    regards Phil

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    Re: clutch hub

    There are different size clutch hubs. I can't remember what year the change was made. There is also a difference in how the plates goes in between 30's and 40's chiefs.

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