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Thread: What's in a name?

  1. What's in a name?

    So if people have a dirty old bike and do not restore it what's the popular term these days to sell it on eBay? Barn find, preservation, survivor or time capsule?

    Other names?
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    Re: What's in a name?

    Original, unrestored or Period bike ~19xx

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    Re: What's in a name?

    How about "dirty old bike"...?
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    Re: What's in a name?

    This is just my opinion:
    If you happen to find an old bike that's been sitting for a very long time in a sheltered but not climate controlled place -Barn Find
    If you find an old bike that's been ridden well, fairly original & maintained- Preserved
    Any bike that's older than the 60's or 70's that hasn't been restored or chopped/modified- Survivor
    I guess any bike that is in good condition & unaltered as it left the factory- Time capsule
    I guess these adjectives are more descriptive to different types than generic "dirty old bike"
    To take it further, Period Modified is a description & judging class that is confusing to me. The AMCA judges Period Modified as a bike that is basically as it left the factory with modifications made by owner with parts made available BEFORE the year of the bike. I believe that now & even back when, riders tend to accessorize, improve or personalize their new bike with new parts or parts that are technologically advanced. That's not to say that some riders never used older parts. I just think we have always had a lot of pride in our bikes & to limit the description to parts made prior to year of bike is not realistic.

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