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Thread: How to get a classic Harley published in American Iron?

  1. How to get a classic Harley published in American Iron?

    Curious how we can get our bikes in American Iron? Since Buzz owns the magazine AND this forum is there anything we should do? Some really great bikes owned by forum members here that are magazine quality.
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    Re: How to get a classic Harley published in American Iron?

    Good question. Actually there are several ways to get photos of your classic american motorcycle in American Iron Magazine. One is a snapshot (small photo) with a letter, another is in Snaps (one medium sized photo), another is as a Reader's Ride (4 or 5 larger photos), another is for Memories (old photo or better still an old and a new photo of the same rider, same bike or relatives on bikes) on the back page, and finally with a full feature on the bike professionally photographed.

    We run at least one classic bike feature and a Memories each and every month in American Iron Magazine.
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