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Thread: My Knucklehead family

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    This is what happens wehn a skydiver raises a kid...

    Oh yeah...and if there are girls present..

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    Skykid getting his first ride on a Blockhead, (Bike I fixed up and stored for an Auzzi buddy) At least it was kick start...

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    I can't recall the name of the artist that did that paint, but he signed his name. adn painted a picture of a bike doing a wheely, "Inside the pin strip" .....Soem artist from Colorado! Had to be seen in person to appreciate...Best stripping I have ever seen! Ever....

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyrider View Post
    Just a day at oen of my favorite water holes, while riding my wifes 47..One of Ness's bikes, belongs to a VERY lucky buddy of mine, that won the lottery, this is one of 5 Ness bikes he owns!

    I am sorry, but that Ness bike is the FUGLIEST thing that I have ever seen. You would have to be a little light on testosterone to even sit on it. A good friend would never let you buy something like that. Ness put out some cool things. That one was a F-up.
    37EL, 39EL, 46FL

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    LOL, I couldn;t agree more, Seems when Frank won the lottery (27 million) he went on a bit of a spending sprey.....Enough so to become a Hamster....the other Ness bikes he bought are pretty sweet!

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    Skykids weekly clip...

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    One of our other addictions...I have been a certified diver since 1972 when as part of my probation, They taught me a skill...(It pays to break the law some times., lol) But I finally talked my wife into it, it took half a second to talk Skykid into it!

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    We'll be going back here (Woodward) at the end of this month for the filming of a free riding movie, Skykid was invited to join in...this was not supposed to be a jump, we just noticed it might be possible.....

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    Another one we just noticed one day (OK we look for things like this all the time) In Fontana, if he didn't turn on the four cross track, the berm made a great jump, that would go right over the road below....

    Soon, a crowd gathered...

    Then ...........someone else tried it, even though we both warned them not to....This was the result....snpped liek a twig when he landed..

    Fortunitly, Mrs Sky is a trama nurse...

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    Re: My Knucklehead family

    Great Shots! Thanks for sharing.......
    Trust Jesus

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