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Thread: 37-39 WL gas tank

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    I think I gave an exact discription of the tank I have, I said 1942 to 1945 military or 1946 police, I did not say 40 or 41 because my tank has a drain plug hole, and the dash cut out changed for the 1947 models which is why I mentioned the police model for 1946, the police model could be bought with or without trim on tanks.

    I tried to be brief but accurate with my first post as he mentioned he was looking for 1942 or 1943 only. My tank is in response to an offer to trade for the early tank I need.

    Oh yea north west of Fort Worth, Texas

    No disrespect meant, just stating facts, Shelby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Haynes View Post
    If you are in Pennsylvania Paradise is in-between Intercourse and BlueBall.
    After all these years you still have a good sence of humor, my friend Shelby

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    Quote Originally Posted by rd.king View Post
    Shelby are you looking to sell or trade.
    Oh and uh... where exactly is paradise located.
    There were two people I was responding to at the same time, to answer your question directly I am only intrested in a trade for a good solid 1937 to 1939 gas tank. Where are you located? as I said I am in Texas.

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    There was no misunderstanding.
    You know what i've got , I know what you've got , Bob ask about a 38 G and assumes there the same as WL i was just filling in some blanks.

    My tank has no trim, needs a good cleaning, there is and old poured in lining that needs stripping out and has an unknown # of coats of paint.
    It has been in service on my bike for many years without issue.
    If you wish to we can exchange some info in the private message option and discuss the tanks and a picture or 2.

    Ontario Canada

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