Now that's just plain Cool! Sign Painters are a lost breed now days. I always loved watching my dad paint signs & do pin striping. He made it look so easy. I tried my hand at it , but I wasn't born with that gene...

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Yes, that is gold leaf. A friend of mine who is a sign painter did the work. He is a sign painter who still uses a brush and doesn't do any of the modern 'wrap' style sign work. The gold leaf has held up well. It was done over 25 years ago; back in 1990. The paneling design was the custom style back in that day, and it still looks good. One day in 1990 I was waxing my Indian, and the brightness of the paint actually hurt my eyes when doing the work (I was doing the work in the sun - which is a bad idea - but that is what happened). It was then that I said to myself "I have to do something to break-up all that Yellow". I had a custom Indian (my first bike), but that bike was now gone, so I decided to do some custom work with the paint as a tribute to my first Indian. Thus the gold leaf work was born. Why Yellow? I bought this 1953 Chief back in 1980 and it had a hideous red spray bomb paint job on it. When I stripped off all the paint, I found traces of Yellow in all the nooks and crannies of the sheetmetal - I then realized that my bike was originally Yellow. Indian did offer a bright Yellow in 1953 - Yellow it was and Yellow it will stay!!! The full history of my bike is for another day, but I actually tracked down and met the original owner of my bike and he had saved just one photo of the bike when it was new. Here it is - and sure enough the bike was Yellow.