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Thread: Harley 1929 jdh two cam

  1. Re: Harley 1929 jdh two cam

    hi,i need cylinder front jd 27,you can help?thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by MattWalksler View Post

    Should have the parts over the next few weeks. They aren't for sale, but once they get here, I'll have an extra cam cover. Maybe we can work out a trade.

    I'll keep you posted.

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    Re: Harley 1929 jdh two cam

    I figured I'd float this to the top. Still looking for a JDH motor. See first post in this thread for details.
    Mark Masa

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    Re: Harley 1929 jdh two cam

    Mark, check "local classified "section.
    Bob Selph
    Indian 1940 Sport Scout
    Harley 1933VC with 1934LT Sidecar

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