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Thread: K Model Lower Valve Cover Question

  1. K Model Lower Valve Cover Question

    I have a question regarding lower KH valve covers. I have 2 different lower valve cover styles that differ in the hex region. On one the hex is 1.25" and is a full hex like any normal bolt head would be. On the other style cover the hex is larger, 1.375" and consists of short flats that do not connect to each other, but instead have a portion of the cover circumference remaining between them. Does anyone know which cover style was used on which years? But more importantly, does anyone know which style was used on a 1956 K?

    Has anyone purchased/used the repop K model valve covers and have anything good, bad or indifferent to say about them. Also anyone know which of the 2 aforementioned styles the aftermakert covers are? Thank you.
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    Re: K Model Lower Valve Cover Question

    Perhaps someone in the past machined them down to a smaller sized flat due to the original rounded off from ill fitting wrenches?

  3. Re: K Model Lower Valve Cover Question

    No, H-D made both variations, as usual, only one part number...

    At a guess, the thinner one is the K, too thin/fragile, as other bits on Ks, once you put a wrench to it, the other one followed, for KH, a bit thicker to handle the stronger torques generated by such spanners and mechanics period overenthusiastic hands;

  4. Re: K Model Lower Valve Cover Question

    Thanks to both of you for your thoughts. I'm having some new stainless steel covers made, so I think I'll just go with the larger "6 flats" style cover, as this is the common one I tend to see around most often, and forego the full hex version.

  5. New K Model Valve Covers

    We all like beautiful parts and to that end wanted to show you some recently received K model valve covers. As mentioned previously, a friend was making stainless steel covers for me and they are now complete. They employ a Viton double lipped square seal, the fit of uppers into lowers is superb as is the fit of the thread to the lifter block.

    The stainless steel cover offers considerable versatility, i.e., use as is, cad or zinc plate if so inclined, polish to bright chrome luster or bead blast to the desired matte surface. Several sets were made so more are available. And to be clear, I am by no means advertising anything, simply making you aware of a high quality part option in the event you are looking for such an item.

    The pictures below provide a look. For some reason most of the pictures have a distinct orange hue to them (perhaps due to flash reflection from a nearby orange towel) that makes the items look gold, which they are not. One of the pictures shows a comparison between a virgin cover and one where a small portion of an upper cover was glass bead blasted with fine beads under high pressure to impart a slight matte.
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