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Thread: CAIMAG Library

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    Re: CAIMAG Library

    A great big thank you to the administrators and senior members of this forum for the wealth of information provided.

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    Re: CAIMAG Library

    What a great resource. Thanks to all involved for the hard work. Looks like a larger cast than Ben Hur.

    Does anyone have any earlier information that could be posted?

    Any objections if I link this, with acknowledgement to my clubs website in Australia?

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    Re: CAIMAG Library

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Big View Post
    If anyone has a Harley or Indian service manual in pdf format that you'd like to see added to the library, please forward it to me and I'll get it loaded up.
    I am not sure whether a sales brochure like this should be in the library. Also, I am not sure how to forward it; so, I am posting it here.

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