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    The Indian Chief was an expiremental 1947 4 speed . It blew the front cylinder off at cemetary hill coming into Tree[IMG][/IMG]

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    With Sarge safely home and no chance that T-Bone will slip out to the shop and put dual carbs on Sarge's flatty , I think its time for more insanity! While on ship ,17 miles from Vietnam, Stroker was given a govt. job. He made the spool that is now on the front of HD's Indian! After discharge tempoary sanity set in. Stroker picked up this ratty old '48 pan from a local farmer for $600[IMG][/IMG]

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    [IMG][/IMG] A couple of weeks later it was stolen when he went to the same strip bar that the big clubs from Chicago that were in town for holiday.I was nine and camped in old school bus at edge of parking lot where approx. 200 clubbers were camping. When we woke up after long cold rainy nite there was 25 of them sleeping under our bus.We didn't see the man that some saw carrying this red front fender out into the reservoir!

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    1970 things were streching out--[IMG][/IMG] The Desperados

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    Insanity IV-The chrome bike![IMG][/IMG]

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    another shot[IMG][/IMG]

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    This is an English class doodle of mine. 1972 ---12 [IMG][/IMG]years old

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    Cool stuff, Duffy. Keep it coming.....
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    I love it. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great story Duffy!!! Lovin' every minute of it!!!Thank for sharing!!!!!!!!!!
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