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  1. Robbie , I've seen the dust up on the forum. I hope your just on vacation and that's the reason your not on the forum. If your not on the forum because of a few sarcastic dick heads, I wish you would reconsider. I'm neck deep in old bikes, I focus time on them , second only to my family. I have come to appreciate and value your experience and knowledge. Your one of the men on here who can walk the walk. We've got a lot of talk the talkers, I can't learn from them, most of them haven't done it , only heard or read about it. I don't blame you for getting sick of their ***** but I believe the general consensus is ,your usually the last word on a subject. I feel like a schmoe begging his girlfriend back. This isn't my regular m. O. But it's a worse forum now. If you're done , I get it. Sorry for it , but I understand . How bout an e -mail address if you feel like gettin questions on my 48..... Well still be friends and you can see the kids anytime you want.... Jeff crowder
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