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  1. Tough to give values for these bikes especially without seeing them.

    No idea on the Four. Is it an Ace or an Excelsior? JDH, if correct and good runner, is worth $50,000 or more every day. A real WR racer has to be worth at least $25,000 or more.

    Good luck.
  2. Hey Buzz it was goods to see you in Cincy. I was hoping to get your opinion on the value of 3 bikes I have located. They are all #1 or 2 bikes, restored by a reputable outfit a fews years ago. The first is a 1926 Ace/Excelsior four, spectacular bike. #2 is a cream coloured 1928 JDH, also very nice, I think, as it has two head lamps, possibly a 1929. #3 is a very cool 1951 WR. These are all real bikes with correct numbers and have not been ridden since restoration. Your opinion as to values would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking $50 or $55 for the ACE, somewhere Close to $50 for the JDH and $20 or $25 for the WR. The people that own the bikes do not really have them for sale , however I was thinking a reasonable offer might secure them for the future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Hey Buzz, Hope your X-Mas went well and all the best for 2012. How are the plans for the 2012 Kick Start Classic coming along?
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