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  1. i don't think so but i can check it out for you. send me the link for ebay.
  2. Hi 38Kuckle,

    I found a nice 39 Knuckle with side car on .
    It's a very good price: 7500Euro (about 9000USD).
    Somebody said, you lives in Denver. The seller also lives there: Do you know him ?

    Ken Griffin
    2252 Lavayette SD
    Denver CO 80205-5340

    [email protected]

    Do you think, that's a serious offer ?

  3. Hi 38Knuckle,
    Yesterday I openend this : "How to buy securely a Knuckle in Denver"

    Today I got a information from ebay: they blocked now this user.

    Can I go into privat contact with you to ask about the person in Denver ?

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