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  1. happ new year chris, saw this on ebay ,i know you collect ed roth mags this might intrest you.
  2. chris, don't know if how or if i can bring and old post up again or just do a repost, i didn't get any replies on it so i'm still in the dark. post was skirts..under members projects. just trying to get an answer or you know if there any where (site) that has accessory catalogs in a pdf stile to look at ? I know i seen this skirt somewhere. also like it says ..what is the cutoff or what ever is a period accessory? how long is the period? thanks Bob
  3. Thanks for the link. However that is the large format mag after Roth sold out to TRM publications.
  4. chris there is a ed roth chopper mag 1971 on ebay
  5. Thanks for the tip. But that is not the right one. Notice that the bottom rivet is smaller that the others?
  6. Hello chris, if your still looking for that jiffy stand part there is one just posted on ebay,looks like the one you want.item # 180636198872
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