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  1. G'Day Rich,Yeah I've got one in the shed,but the Bloke who gave it to me lost the rear head & Barrel when he sent it back to the importer in Melbourne for warranty replacement due to a dent in the bottom of the sleeve,that was back in the late eighties,the rest is still in the packing case with corrello rods,out law cam,harmon crankcase,pistons,rings,front head & Barrel.I'll be in the states in august 2010 for the las vegas - Sturgis ride,it's a 3 week event accomadation & bike surplied,air fares to & from Aussie $12000. Graham
  2. graham, i hope it might aim you in the right direction. do you have a harmon motor. i'd dig having one of his big inch shovels. rich
  3. Thank you knucklehead for your help in regards to 120 rear head & barrel for harman engine.
    regards Graham,Perth, Western Australia.
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