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  2. Shaft size

    Quote Originally Posted by goat View Post
    I got the 45 motor rebuilt and when I got it back I found a sprocket in the box with the old parts and it doesnt fit at all its too small. What is the ID of the motor sprocket? This is my WL.
  3. 1918 Harley Davidson sidecar 18QB

    Quote Originally Posted by Juha Finland View Post
    I am new in this area.
    I bought two weeks ago 28JD but there is lot of parts missing.
    in same time I got tis nice piece of history.20181124_124919.jpg
    I would like to swap to parts or 28hd project.
    this look quite comletle seat is missing.
    side car is in Finland.(europe)
  4. Indian four oil pump adjustment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    Hi, I have just got my 440 motor back from the engineers and the oil pump has a tag saying " Oil pump needs adjusting and spring seems to long " Does anyone know the correct length of the spring and/or how to adjust the oil pump ? The engine was previously build to a poor standard and it would not surprise me if an attempt was made to increase the pressure when they assembled it .
  5. Info Needed On Barnfind Indian Twin

    Quote Originally Posted by axeric View Post
    Ross, is the Hedstrom carb, and good carburetor? I've always wondered about it, but you can understand why people wanted to go to a Schebler as they pretty much took over the industry.
    The soup can headstrom is a very good carb. In normal riding conditions it's all anyone needed. My old timer friends of days gone by said the switch to a schebler provided for speed and weather condition adjustments making the schebler the choice by 3 speed time in 1915. I was told the option in 15 ...
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