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  1. Wanted 1916 Carb Harley twin need a good 1 inch carb like a M16 FOUND HX95

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    Thanks you found a HX95 carb mission complete!!!!!

    Found the HX95 carb mission complete thank you !!!
  2. Classic Motorcycles - Share The Wealth of Your Knowledge

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    A panhead will run about 150 miles on a fresh charged car battery in your saddlebag with the charging system not working at all. From Myrtle beach South Carolina to Spartanburg South Carolina it took two fully charged batteries running 60 mph. One made it to Columbia and the other made it to Greenwood SC. Then Bubba Lollis fixed the charging system. This is kick starting only, my pan never had an electric start and still don't...
  3. New Guy From France

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    Welcome aboard Mickael. Pan looks to be a fun build. Would love to pics of your other bikes as well.
    My «*ex*» Bikes

  4. 101 crankcase venting

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    Dear GWW,

    The four holes can be seen in the opening of the valve in the right crankcase-housing.
    I have made up my mind, that I would fit even the vent on the left, as on the right side.
    I have organized a modified timing cover, too.Attachment 22377vent in right crankshaft-housing.jpg20170127 -010- Timing Cover.jpg20160922 - 032 - Indian oil-breather left.jpg20150523 -001- KW Entlüftungsbehälter.jpg

  5. The advantages and disadvantages of shopping online

    Shopping on-line has grown more widespread everyday, and spans every type of product as well as every particular shopper. Online shoppers are common ages, result from all kinds of backgrounds, and both men and women. So, why do people shop online? And why don’t people only use the internet? Studying the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping versus traditional in-store shopping will answer these questions.


    Relating to price, this tends to be an advantage ...
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