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  1. Info Needed On Barnfind Indian Twin

    Quote Originally Posted by axeric View Post
    Ross, is the Hedstrom carb, and good carburetor? I've always wondered about it, but you can understand why people wanted to go to a Schebler as they pretty much took over the industry.
    The soup can headstrom is a very good carb. In normal riding conditions it's all anyone needed. My old timer friends of days gone by said the switch to a schebler provided for speed and weather condition adjustments making the schebler the choice by 3 speed time in 1915. I was told the option in 15 ...
  2. Vintage Pics of the Day

    Quote Originally Posted by axeric View Post
    I'll go one step further and say it's a 1938 Junior Scout

    What makes you say it's a '38?
    I'm not sure about the shifter on the left side.
    Just asking.
  3. Goats WLA Build

    Quote Originally Posted by goat View Post
    I still haven't gotten anything back from imageshack, Ive got pictures of the newly powder coated frame on the camera, I am hoping to put the neck cups ( that I polished out holding the buffer still with one hand and the cup in the other) the springer, and the wheels. I got me a tri pod set up to take photos of the work. Like that "Turtle man" used to say "LIVE ACTION" (grinning) I realized since that coma that life aint forever, I knew it all along, but that really impressed
  4. Looking for a servi Car

    Quote Originally Posted by Paps View Post me direct.
    I need an e-mail address you can call me at 757-618-0310 this is a Virginia number but I live in Kentucky I have had this number 12 years and don't want to change it.
  5. Almost time for a Christmas Contest???

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    I'll repeat what I've said before. Give a gift subscription to AIM and show Buzz we appreciate what he has done here. All bullshit aside this place rocks. And I may have some stuff for sale, just be sure to call or ask...
    Oh wait, was that bullshit??
    got a servi car that you want to part with??
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