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08-11-2009, 11:23 AM
i was told this is a 50-51panhead trans.
i myself am not a 100% sold on it.
the photo is kinda cruddy,but it's the only one i got.
anyone care to put there 2 pesos in?


08-11-2009, 08:38 PM
36-64 gearboxes are interchangeable . some of the early ones didn't have the fifth mount as I recall, looks like yours has been heli-coiled? The pic is kind of blurry. Mike

08-11-2009, 09:10 PM
Here's a tip: go back and edit your original post. Put "" and "" titles right on each end of your photbucket address as it is in the post, and the photo will magically appear to the rest of us right here on the forum!
If you go in your photobucket, you'll see that address when you wave your cursor over the photo. Your post, so you're the only one who can do it. Good luck!


Well, mebbe you're not the only one who can do it. i just brought it over here for us all. But that's how to do it.:)

Chris Haynes
08-11-2009, 09:57 PM
Only the 1936 and early 1937 didn't have the 5th mount.

08-11-2009, 10:04 PM
sorry the photo is GINORMOUS!!


my comp. skills have really gone down hill in the last 3 weeks.

Speeding Big Twin
08-14-2009, 04:38 AM
ignoble, you mentioned someone told you it was a 50-51 Panhead trans. Do you know exactly what that person based their opinion on? If they were going by the date code then what did they think it was?

The code in your photo looks like it has three characters with two being close together and the third standing by itself. I’ve seen that occurring for the late-50s and beyond but so far not the early-50s. (Some early-50s examples I have show three characters but all are close together.)

Can you clean up the code and hazard a guess as to what the characters may be? At this stage I’m wondering if the single character represents the month and the other two the year—for example, 1 59 would represent January 1959. And could you post two more photos please: one of the top of the case and one of the left side. Eric

Chris Haynes
08-14-2009, 07:03 AM
I was discussing 1951 tranny cases with Bruce. Here is his reply.
"Most 1951 cases I have photos showing the cast code have letter followed by 5 (A 5, B 5, D 5, H 5, J 5) as though they are 1945 cases. Some have letter followed by two digit year code (B 51, F 51)

No idea why the two types. It looks as though they decide to go with the two digit year code in January 1951 but had trouble making it happen consistently.

Regardless, no 1950-1951 used a casting code of letter followed by 1. That trany case is a 1941."

Speeding Big Twin
08-16-2009, 05:28 AM
Chris, assuming Bruce will also view this:

G’day Bruce, I have several questions:
1. Exactly what do you see in ignoble’s photo that tells you the case is 1941? As I mentioned above, that date code looks like it has three characters with two being close together and the third standing by itself. But I cannot make them out, although the character standing by itself may be the number 1 or the letter I. Assuming you can read all three, what are they?

2. Regarding the photos of the trans cases with A 5, B 5, D 5, H 5 and J 5 on them, exactly how do you know they were all 1951 cases? Are all the photos of those five cases from bikes that remain unaltered from their original 1951 factory assembly/condition?

3. I haven’t seen a letter-number-number format such as B 51 or F 51 on a Big Twin trans case. But I’ve seen that format on a Flathead 750 trans case and the photo below appears to show K 53:


4. If, as you say, H-D went with two numbers for the year as of January 1951 then I assume the code for that month and year would have been the following: A 51. But if so, what month and year would be represented by the 1-1 code shown below? Eric


Chris Haynes
08-16-2009, 10:16 AM
I have seen Mid 1930's tranny cases, which originally had no date codes on them, with '40's and '50's date codes. Obviously replacement parts.

Speeding Big Twin
08-29-2009, 04:04 AM
Bruce, I've sent you a PM. Eric