1915 Harley Davidson Twin MOTORCYCLE CANNONBALL

This is the 1915 Harley Dave Fusiak and I totally disassembled and rebuilt for me to ride 3300 miles coast to coast on the Motorcycle Cannonball. It is mostly real and correct 1915 Harley with some upgrades for the event.
  1. Old Acetylene headlight with a modern LED light inside.
  2. VL style front brake lever and WLA mirror to see what's coming from behind.
  3. Upgraded seat and extra external spring. Not sure about those kicker parts.
  4. Small Honda 50cc front brake and 21 inch rim. Not great brakes, but better than none.
  5. Improvised "air cleaner" to keep out the larger objects from getting sucked in.
  6. Right side of my 1915 Harley. Note the 1916 Transmission and kicker
  7. Left side of my 1915 Harley set up for the Motorcycle Cannonball. Note the small front brake for this event.
  8. SELMA is the name of my 1915 Harley. Named after my recently departed mother.
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